"I have had the privilege of working with Tim Cartmell on the Terwillegar Recreation Centre, the Lillian Osborne Community Theatre, and many other community projects in Ward 9.  Tim can be counted on to be diligent and thoughtful, to advocate strongly and critique effectively.  He is a contributor!  I have no hesitation to endorse Tim Cartmell as an excellent councillor for Ward 9.  He will serve our community well."

-Dave Hancock, 15th Premier of Alberta, former MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud






"Tim has a unique combination of community leadership, business experience and proven commitment to Ward 9.  I endorse Tim as an excellent choice for Councillor for Ward 9."

-Bryan Anderson, Retiring Edmonton City Councillor, Ward 9






"I am strongly endorsing Tim as the city councillor for Ward 9 based on his business experience, his longstanding, strong community leadership and his pragmatic approach to working with neighborhoods to solve their problems and meet their needs."  

-Patricia MacKenzie, Current Chair of Homeward Trust Edmonton, Former Alderman (1986 - 1995)







"Tim has the life and community experience necessary to be an effective advocate for the residents of Ward 9 and our city as a whole. He has my enthusiastic support and my vote."  

-Ian McClelland, former Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Southwest and MLA for Edmonton-Rutherford






"Tim is an honest, dedicated, well-informed person who has a strong sense of community.  He has shown exemplary leadership and has the integrity and persistence to stand up for what is right.  He will serve Ward 9 with the same values that have made this the best place to live, work and play.  I am pleased to support Tim Cartmell as councillor for Ward 9."

-Sue Trigg, Ward 9 Community Leader




"Tim Cartmell is a highly effective community, professional and business leader.  He has served Ward 9 for many years with dedication and integrity and has been a key contributor on many community projects.  I am pleased to endorse Tim Cartmell as the best choice for Ward 9 Councillor."

-Dave Rumbold, Past President - Riverbend Community League