I know a lot of you are experiencing construction fatigue. The good news is that many of these projects are very close to completion, and it is going to get a lot easier to move around very soon. Your patience through the last few months is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please add a comment and I will answer them as best I can.  Thanks to everyone for your input and feedback.


170 Street between Rabbit Hill Road and Keswick Gate

Remaining work includes power and street lighting installation, which is expected to be completed by December 6, at which time the road can be opened.  It may be possible for the road to be opened without street lights and this option is being examined by City Administration.

In the meantime, 170 Street is open between 41 Avenue SW and Rabbit Hill Road, which connects to Ellerslie Road and Anthony Henday Drive.


41 Ave SW - James Mowatt Trail Intersection

This intersection will be open with traffic lights flashing by October 11.  After that, the traffic lights need to be programmed and then the intersection will be fully operational.

The pedestrian crossing between Allard Boulevard and Desrochers Gate has been built, but still requires power to be installed.  The goal is to have this crossing light operational on October 11 as well.


30 Ave SW - James Mowatt Trail Intersection

Signal lights at this intersection should be active and operating by the end of October..


James Mowatt Trail twinning

Twinning of James Mowatt Trail will be completed this fall, except for the area between Desrochers Gate and 30th Avenue which will be completed next summer.


135 street Ramps to Anthony Henday

The new ramps onto Anthony Henday Drive from 135 Street are scheduled to be open on October 15 or sooner.


Ellerslie Road Twinning

The twinning of Ellerslie Road from the new intersection at 135 Street to 119 Street is nearly complete. The intersection at Ellerslie Road and 127 st SW will open on about October 9.  When it opens, the intersection at 119 Street will close for about one month to allow the final piece of twinned road to be built.  When that is done, the whole road and all intersections will be fully open.


Heritage Valley Park and Ride

Construction of the park and ride will be mostly complete this year.  ETS will make adjustments to schedules sometime next spring, and the park and ride will open at that time.  I will share a further update on that project when it is finalized.


141 Street - 41 Ave SW

Work continues on the connection of 141 street on its new alignment to 41 Avenue.  Completion is scheduled by the end of the year.


Rabbit Hill Road Twinning

Twinning of Rabbit Hill Road from Anthony Henday Drive to Terwillegar Boulevard will be open soon.  The remaining work consists mainly of getting the traffic lights operating.  



Timothy Cartmell


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