Terwillegar Drive Petition - Feb 2018

Add your voice to show that Southwest Edmonton is united in saying that the Time is Now for the Terwillegar Corridor to be developed in a thoughtful manner that provides access to our communities. 



Access between Southwest Edmonton and the rest of the city is constrained by the river and Whitemud ravine, and traffic problems are magnified as a result. Primary access to this area is by way of Whitemud and Terwillegar Drives, which are overburdened and heavily congested on a daily basis.

Over the course of the past two decades - in 2001, 2006 and 2012 - multiple attempts to develop solutions and consult with the community have resulted in reports and findings, but no actual constructed improvements. 

Earlier this year, many residents were excited to see that consultation and action on the Terwillegar Drive project were once again being considered. Very quickly however the consultation process turned into a source of major frustration, as the options presented by City Administration were not reflective of the needs of one of the fastest growing parts of Edmonton and included options that had previously been asked of the community and turned down.

The City already has the answers to the fundamental questions it is asking the community, including the fact there should be full access to Terwillegar Drive from the existing intersections of Bulyea/40th Avenue, Rabbit Hill Road, 23 Avenue, and Haddow.

Ward 9 residents want Terwillegar Drive constructed properly, and they want to see City Administration focusing on design solutions that will result in a set of construction packages that will ultimately lead to the Terwillegar Corridor operating at full capacity.

Sign your name in support of saying that the Time is Now to get the Terwillegar Corridor developed.

Detailed information about my February 27 Motion for the development of the Terwillegar Corridor and next steps can be found on my blog here

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