During the Election back in October 2021, I heard from many residents about naturalization in the City of Edmonton. 

In Summer 2021, the City was no longer mowing the grass and picking the weeds at stormwater drainage ponds. Instead, the City was letting everything grow uncontrolled.  Those decisions have since been reversed, albeit temporarily. Current mowing cycles for Summer 2022 will be 10-14 days (weather dependent). 

As a City we are becoming more aware of the Climate. Part of climate awareness, City Administration will continue to access naturalization practices in Edmonton.

To better understand the views of Edmontonians, City Administration will be undertaking a comprehensive engagement process regarding naturalization. This survey is part of their work to update the naturalization policy.  

The survey is now open for you to complete. Please click here and scroll down to the start survey button to complete the survey. Please note the survey closes on May 16th. 

The purpose of this survey is for City Administration to assess understanding and levels of support for naturalization as a whole.  The survey will be looking at opportunities for further naturalization and identify issues related to naturalization areas, both of which may include stormwater management facilities.

Consideration of naturalization is warranted.  More naturalized spaces will assist in less runoff entering the drainage system, and will aid in the filtration of the water that does.  A naturalized space is far less expensive to maintain, and we must explore ways to reduce property taxes and spending.  And these spaces will provide significant education opportunities for our collective youth.  

I do believe there is a balanced middle ground that allows for a blend of naturalized spaces and more manicured spaces that allow for physical activity and other more active uses.  

However, proper engagement needs to occur with stakeholders to better understand residents' views on naturalization.  Proceeding on a naturalization plan without a proper discussion with residents is not right.

We now have that opportunity for residents to provide feedback. Your feedback will be extremely valuable and I strongly encourage you and your neighbours to complete the above survey. This will allow City Administration to better understand your views on stormwater pond naturalization. 

As always, your feedback is welcomed regarding this matter or any other municipal concern. Please connect with my office by emailing [email protected] or calling my office at 780-496-8130. As always, I appreciate your feedback.

Timothy Cartmell


Honoured to be the City Councillor in Edmonton's Ward pihêsiwin. #yegcc #Wardpihêsiwin