When will enough be enough at Blatchford?

I have been saying this since I first got elected to Council in 2017. Something has to change at Blatchford. 

We all know the history. This was sold as a promised land. A green energy efficient utopia for big city living- a model for the world in large urban infill.

Except people aren’t buying it and notably (in the midst of a housing shortage) people aren’t buying homes in Blatchford. After more than 10 years, there are only about 84 homes there. This is only a few more than the rural hamlet of Gadsby.

No matter how much patience or rationalization we can muster for the sluggishness of this development, it will not change the fact that as each day goes by Blatchford is becoming more of a liability for the City.

And considering we now have a district energy utility built out without rate payers to pay for it, we can no longer afford to live in la la land.

The recent Auditor report (Item 7.4) reinforces these facts. The reports on Blatchford are lacking, because there is so little to report.

This is why I gave the following notice of motion to my colleagues yesterday.

Time is up. 

On May 14 I will move that City Administration:

  1. Reduce the scope and area of the Blatchford Energy Utility to the current footprint (Stages 1 to 5, Blatchford Market and Civic Plaza Areas);
  2. Reduce the area of the application of current Blatchford policies to the above reduced footprint of the Blatchford Energy Utility;
  3. Offer all remaining Blatchford land to private sector developers on a competitive basis to be developed in a manner similar to greenfield and large infill developments, including all current density and growth management policies that apply to such development including the EMRB Regional Growth Plan and the City Plan;
  4. Provide an updated analysis on the potential revenue that would be generated for the City for Edmonton from the aforementioned actions.

You can see the chronology of my thoughts on Blatchford in the many links below: 

I have pushed and will keep pressing until we see a change. More to come after May 14th.

Timothy Cartmell


Honoured to be the City Councillor in Edmonton's Ward pihêsiwin. #yegcc #Wardpihêsiwin