Let's Build Better Communities

I have been a proud resident of Ward 9 since 1998. As a Professional Engineer, business owner, husband, father, hockey coach, and community volunteer, I am very proud of the City we live in and believe we are in the best place to live, work and raise a family.


But I believe there is more that can be done by City Council to build our communities better. I want to be your voice and advocate on City Council.

The impacts of the decisions made by City Council are felt in our daily lives.

Ward 9 residents want to know that respect for taxpayer dollars is a priority. Just as families sit around the kitchen table mapping out their finances, that same level of detail and scrutiny should be applied to financial decisions made by City Council.

Ward 9 residents know that our commute to work, moving around to practices, recitals and lessons, and our trips to the Rec Centre are impacted by the priority council places on different infrastructure projects. The same goes for whether we choose to drive, take the bus or LRT, or bike in our day to day lives.

Ward 9 residents want to live in a vibrant, safe community with park access and community programming.

Ward 9 residents want their voices to be heard, and their input valued. Community consultation must be a top of mind when it comes to topics like infill, photo radar, surplus school sites, bike paths, and affordable housing.

Ward 9 has seen some of Edmonton’s largest growth in the last decade. But at the same time, we have also seen a disproportionate amount of investment from City Council compared to that growth.

Ward 9 deserves a strong voice and a champion for its residents at City Council. I want to be that voice, bringing balanced, pragmatic, fiscally conscious and informed representation to City Council.

My Platform is about Building Better Communities with a foundation of fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency.  It is based on four primary, interdependent pillars:  

I'm asking for your vote on October 16, so that together, we can build better communities.

I hope you enjoy the site and would love to hear from you about local issues, concerns or ideas you may have!


Tim Cartmell

Your Ward 9 City Council Candidate


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Former Premier and Edmonton-Whitemud MLA Dave Hancock has put his full support behind Tim Cartmell, and is asking you to do the same: