Edmonton City Council will set the 4 year, 2023-2026 budgets before the end of 2022.  There have been a lot of new funding proposals offered by Councillors. However City Administration has advised that:

  • To maintain all services at current service levels will require at least a 3.9% property tax increase each year for the next 4 years, before any additions;
  • Without increased investment in maintenance and renewal, the condition of our roads, buildings and information technology will deteriorate.

I have listed a few questions below. After completing a question, please scroll down to see the new question appear. I have picked 3% as an assumed general property tax increase, simply because 0% will be very difficult to achieve given our financial situation.

Please Note: This survey has been officially closed as of December 1, 2022. The results of this survey will be posted shortly. 


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